How to be an ethical influencer, as told by an influencee

By Erin Mikail Fuss Influencer marketing can get a bad rep, and to some, they all look the same. Millennial pink, round face, rose gold iPhone and Macbook; you get the picture… and those pictures are all the same. It’s no wonder that these individuals sometimes come off as seemingly self-obsessed but let’s slow downContinue reading “How to be an ethical influencer, as told by an influencee”

13 things we love about NYC

By Momina Mindeel New York is the place to be if you are an awe-struck tourist, trying to devour the city in a week or two. You see a hundred things but still feel unfulfilled because truth be told, the city is huge, never-ending almost. From dozens of bridges to a gazillion museums, the cityContinue reading “13 things we love about NYC”